About Tororo

Tororo town is a crossroads town for travelers from Kenya to the north like Mbale, Kumi, Soroti or even as far away as South-Sudan. Likewise, travelers to the west like Jinja, Kampala or even Rwanda or the DRC.

Historically it was also a crossroad town for the East African Railway. The railway splits here in several directions to the north as far as Soroto and the west as far as the Kilembe Mines.

In the days of the construction of the railways, a substantial number of Indian railway workers settled here and their presence from those early days are still seen today as a lot of the buildings in the old center of the town have all kinds of Indian titles and names.

Today, it serves the region of the south-east as a trading point. It’s population is spread mainly over two tribes, the Itesotes and the Dhopadolas but you can also find a lot of people speaking Luganda and Kiswahili as it is a major transit route for truckers.